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Show mouse in capturing video

edited February 2011 in General Discussion
I want to show the mouse when I capture my video screen


  • Options-->Cursor Options-->Show Cursor.

    You can also have the cursor highlighted -- you can choose the color and shape of the highlight -- by checking "Highlight Cursor" in the second block on the Cursor Options screen.
  • I want to program it in C #
  • Bellahcene,

    You want to program "it" in C# -- please be more specific. I'm not certain what you are referring to with the word "it".

    booklover already explained how to make the cursor visible and how to make it be highlighted as well. What else do you want to do?

  • I havea program in C# that captures video, but the mouse does not appear in the video.
    I want to know how to display the mouse in the video in C#
  • Bellahcene,

    Ah - thank you for the clarification, and for starting a better titled thread. I'll close this one after a bit, hoping that you get an answer in the other thread.

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