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Problem with capturing videos for TV

edited February 2011 in General Discussion
Hi everyone!

I want to use Samstudio - to capture screen videos for showing them on TV. Our TV-standard is PAL with 625 lines and 25 frames. I am using Avid in my everyday work.

When I capture screen videos, they have good quality, when I play them on computer, this is an example:

But when I try it to play on TV, I get very awful result, something like this:

I have tried very different codecs (camstudio lossless, mpeg-4, cinepac codec, Microsoft video and so on, with different settings), also I have tried to chose differnt "playback rate" "set key frames during" and other settings during saving my videos - but no good result.

I have also tried deinterlased setting in mpeg-4 codec and tried to change fields in avid (interpolated vs progressive), but sitll no good result. Maybe somebody can help me in my problem? How to screen videos with Camstudio and use them on TV (PAL format)?
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