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FPS patch for CamCommandLine

edited February 2011 in Code Contributions

I've recently had to use CamCommandLine to make screen videos in an automated manner, and in the process I fixed the faulty handling of frame times that only allowed recording with high framerates. Arbitrary (integer) frame rates are now possible. I've posted the patch at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3191059&group_id=131922&atid=722681. To quote:

The version of CamCommandLine that is in r310 handles timing in a faulty manner, meaning that frames will only be written properly as long as frames are dropped, i.e. the desired framerate is higher than the framerate with which frames can actually be written. If the framerate is lower than that, gaps in the video file occur.
The attached patch fixes this problem by reworking the mechanism in which timing is handled, also saving CPU time by using Sleep() to wait for the next frame if necessary. This enables arbitrary frame rates to be used.
Also, a -fps command line argument is added for setting the desired frame rate.



  • Hi Sebastian

    Many thanks for submitting your patch ...

    Hopefully, that's really going to help a lot of people ...

    Best Wishes and thanks again

    Nick :o)
  • Hi Sebastian,

    I just read r310.
    Hence I assume you was able to compile and to download all stuff required to do a build of your own.
    As people are reporting that they have problems with compile&build I would like to known if you got problems as well.
    In that I would like to know what you did..

  • Hi Sebstian,

    would you please publish a "How to download/build CamStudio". this will help new, like me, to emerge easily to the ongoing development efforts.

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