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Normal Priority Versus High Priority - Video Inside

The following link shows a comparison between normal and high priority with camstudio. This uses codecs provided by K-Lite, and therefore, even if I use CamStudio 2.0 to use ffdshow, ffdshow cannot be accurately configured for optimal use (requires MSMPEG4) since most encoders aren't shown (such as MSMPEG4, DIVX, XVID, etc.)

I have a zip of all the videos; but seeing as the compressed size is 384 MB, I'd need to wait a couple hours to upload it somewhere (or get no where with torrenting, since I often have to turn off my machine when running errands due to its specifications of being power hungry.)


If you have any ideas on what I can do to have good quality, but also good framerate, I'm open to suggestions. But as it stands, I need MSMPEG4 under ffdshow to get the best of the best. I don't mind extremely slow encoding times; but most encoders don't allow you to specify encoding speed manually. You also see that lossless is no good, so I can't record in that and then compress it myself. I want it to get up to at least 50 FPS for the "Actual Input FPS." But to do this, I may need to buy (shudder) recording software, unless ffdshow returns MSMPEG4.


  • The ideas you suggest MUST record 3D Well, as I will be using camstudio to record MMORPGs if at all possible. Taksi is good too, but will crash the MMORPG if I close Taksi before the MMORPG.
  • Those of you who don't believe that I can't use ffdshow with MS MPEG:

  • coldReactive,

    Try Lagarith Lossless Codec - seems to work in all versions - good look, works with high-motion video. Watch it - ramps up to 2 GB fairly fast - 9.5 minutes with 16-bit audio in 32-bit display color, 11 minutes with 16-bit audio in 16-bit display color. Set "Automatically Stop Recording" setting under options for appropriate equivalent in seconds to avoid problems.


  • Lagarith is shown in the video I linked, tbritton.
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    Oh, yes - thanks for catching that I hadn't yet watched the video! It was very informative, and interesting as to the priority having little effect upon the capture frame-rates. However, on the plus side, setting priority higher in CamStudio does keep other programs from causing dropped frames when they transition to other windows or load modules if you have CamStudio set to high priority (witnessed during Photoshop vids I've done).

    One thing (and I commented on your "CamStudio Settings" video) - your video is lagging behind your audio substantially by the end. I think it is because you are likely using the 16/60 settings mentioned in the "CamStudio Settings" video - 16*60=960, not 1000. Only 25*40, 20*50, and 10*100 work without lag (due to the internal frame rate calculations that are fixed at 1000 in CamStudio, as you'd mentioned).

    I made a video on this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhowEhUPClc (which includes most of the full-text from the article at my blog http://screencasttutorial.org/18/best-settings-for-camstudio-to-sync-audio-and-video-28 )-

    Thanks for the excellent information. I'll be trying MS-MPEG soon. XVID had good results also. Did you notice much difference between 16-bit color and 32-bit color? I mostly noticed slight improvement in file size and maximum length, consequently, due to the 2-GB AVI size limitation. (for instance, as I said, 16-bit I can get 11 minutes from Lagarith, but only 9.5 minutes in 32-bit).

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    Just so you know, I plan to use CamStudio (or taksi, even though, if I close taksi, the MMORPG will crash, unless I close the MMORPG first, then taksi) to record 3D objects, such as MMORPGs. I don't actually plan to use 60 FPS unless it's quantize based, and not bit-rate based. If I use bit-rate based on a lossy codec, especially any form of ffdshow, the quality turns really bad on the 3D portions, even if I change the internal camstudio quality slider. So I go back and either up the FPS (over 60+ FPS) disallowing people to edit my videos to their liking. (Not that it matters to me. I always record my video once, and only once. If I make mistakes, I put annotations in on youtube, nowhere else.) Or, I change to quantizer base, or quality base in ffdshow.

    MSU codec will not sync the audio/video properly at the start for me, just so you know. No matter what combination I use. Also, since I have an extremely powerful computer; choosing MCI / non-MCI doesn't affect camstudio at all.

    Also, my camstudio settings video is on a different windows install. My current windows install is vastly different now. Firefox 4 actually helps ease CamStudio's pain by the way. 3.6 would take a lot out of CamStudio if I moved my mouse around the Fx window.
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    By the way, Here's a video explaining why using average bitrate won't help, in case anyone wanted to try it:


    60 FPS, 960 Average Bitrate. MCI Recording On. Worse audio sync.
  • Trying to use rate distortion macroblock, 50fps, quantizer of 2, msmpeg 4 v2, mp4v fourcc, 856x480 may cause camstudio to crash mid-record.
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