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Paid Version of Camstudio?

I was told there was a paid version of Camstudio with more options than the free version. Is there any truth to that.

Also, if anyone could offer up any sugestions or information about Camstudio causing a severe conflict with the audio portion of GoToWebinar I would appreciate it very much.


  • Hi Preacherman

    There is no 'official' paid version of CamStudio.

    There are people selling CamStudio (rebadged and/or slightly sexier looking) which they're entitled to do under the terms of the original license (GPL v2) but we don't produce a paid version ... yet. ;o)

    Can you provide more information on the conflict you're experiencing along with as much technical info as possible (Windows version, CamStudio version, Computer make, model etc.)


    Nick :o)
  • preacherman,

    I'm glad you found the CamStudio forums - I check in here more often than I check my email, actually!

    You posted to my blog, "I now have a new problem. Since I followed your instructions and restarted my computer today I no longer have a speaker icon on my toolbar and I am unable to find the mixer anywhere. Can you help me with this?"

    I cannot imagine what instructions you could have followed in the Stereo Mix Windows 7 video that would cause your speaker icon to not appear, so there you have me stumped. What instructions did you follow, exactly?

    Also, not all Realtek options will be the same - if you do not have front-panel jacks, it would follow that your card would not offer a pass-through via the interface.

    Please do give us plenty of details when you ask questions, as we are not familiar with every configuration, and your issues are unique ones, I'm afraid...

  • preacherman,

    As pertains to your loss of the speaker icon - I had this happen to me a while back when I attempted to install the drivers from RealTek's website (trying to lower the system noise present on the line-in input on my HP). I had to do a "restore" to a time prior to my updating the drivers to get it back. Did you attempt to install new drivers also?

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