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recording sound of XP windows ? ?

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Hi, Trying out cam studio. I cannot get the mic to record. I have looked at other post and even you tube. It does not fix my problem. The opition tab states "Do not Record Audio" it will not allow me to remove the check.
I have sigma tel audio card it works everywhere else. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks


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    Be certain that your microphone the selected source (in your audio control panels).

    (Watch this video beginning at 1:50 to show how to get there, but select Microphone rather than Line In.)

    (This was, like, my very first video ever...!) :-P

    ...then in CamStudio, select "Options==>Use Microphone For Recording".

    Under "Options==>Audio Options==>Audio Options for Microphone" check the box next to "Use MCI Recording". It should work then.

    Watch videos in this series to learn much more:

    Or view the videos in a grid display here:


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