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Problem with Media Player - windowed versus full screen


I've made my first video with CamStudio. I'm trying to keep the filesize down, so it's not too demanding on bandwidth, or doesn't make for too large a download. But because I'm trying to make a website demo, I need to keep the text nice and sharp for legibility.

To that end I changed my screen res down from the native 1600x1200 to 1280x720, as that's the ideal res for the site, changed the CamStudio capture setting to 'Full Screen' and created my video.

The problem arises when I reset back to 1600x1200 and try to play the video in Media Player: If I switch that to full screen mode, the video is great - pin-sharp. If I change to windowed mode *even though I increase the window to be almost full screen* (i.e. much larger than 1280x720) then the video's text is showing evidence of having been resized.

Now I'm pretty sure this is a problem with Media Player, not CamStudio, but is there anything I can do so the video replays at the same actual size and quality in both full screen and windowed modes?

(The one possible CamStudio problem is that the avi file properties show the screen size to be 1600x1200, even though it was recorded when the res was set to 1280x720. Maybe that's confuzzling Media Player?)

Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers :)


  • RostokMcSpoons,

    I've seen this happen when re-sizing videos to sizes that are not "arithmetically perfect" as integer multiples of 2 or 3 or 4 - the screen's attempt at pixel doubling at fractional sizes creates a moire pattern due to the non-integer multiplier mismatch. Could that be what is happening here?

    Playing the video back at "normal size" or at "double size" should produce fine results. So, I hope the moire pattern effect is all that is going on here.

    Version 2.0 may report the video sizes correctly - the beta version reports a few things incorrectly at this point still. Nick is working on getting all those bugs squashed soon!

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