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Better Microphone?


I've been doing screen recording on my Vaio with the built in microphone, which does a pretty good job, it has a little bit of that speakerphone type of sound to it. The biggest problem is when I am typing it really pick that up. I was just wondering if there was some type of microphone that would sound a little better / more professional (and not pickup the typing sound). I had tried a regular commercial type of microphone (concert / presentation type of mic you hold) adapted to 1/8" plugged into my computer, but it didn't get any audio for some reason.

Does anyone know of a mic that would get better sound quality? It would be great if it was a standard 1/8" plug so I could use it on my video camera also.

Thank You


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    I've heard great things about the Logitech headsets (headphones with an attached boom mic) - and they are available as plug-in as well as in bluetooth (if your Vaio has bluetooth). Check them out!

    Any lapel mic that is cardioid and has a mini-plug would be a good alternative option to consider as well.

    I've hung the little Blue Microphone -- The "Blue One" I think they call it -- on my T-shirt collar and have gotten great sound from that! That's a USB microphone.

  • Thank You Terry for the suggestion, I will check them out. I didn't think of a headset. I used to use a plantronic with my old cel phones and always had great quality with it (many people would say they could never even tell it was a cell phone when I used the plantronics set), though I think the plantronics are the wrong size pin.

    I will look into the other options you mention too.

    Thanks much for the ideas and suggestions.

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