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diagnosing codec issue: error recording avi file

edited August 2008 in Support
First time posting here - I'm cloning this from a blog posting I made here:
I think this material is better suited to the forum than blog comments.

I see a lot of mention on websites of the error “error recording avi file”. I also see in the code that this was originally hardcoded and later replaced with constant IDS_STRING_ERRAVIDEFAULT. The error is displayed for any condition where an avi operation failed. I’m finding it occurs all the time whenever using DivX. Having previously used cs2.1 I just started using v2.6. And with some minor success from default codecs on my system I decided to try DivX v6.8.4.

So is this a v2.5-2.6 issue? Something system-specific? General DivX issue? Config issue? I’m wondering where output_avi_path is set to and if the problem is with DivX trying to write somewhere invalid. I think at some point the code should display the real error that occurred, rather than this generic catch-all err.

I’m not a C guy but I am a developer, can read code (as you see) and may be able to contribute in some minor way.

Thanks for all of your work on this fine offering.


  • I was getting the same error message. I used the registry fix from here http://camstudio.org/faq.htm#Error which solved the problem for me. (v2.5 Xvid 1.2.1)
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