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Whats the size of "temp" while recording ?

edited June 2011 in General Discussion

i start using camstudio, but i am unable to calculate hard disk size (before camstudio start recording)

so for example i want to know how much size uses in temp directory + size needed to export to avi
to calculate f.e with a 10gb free HD how much time i can record

subquestion -> does it record direct in codec format or in some custom and then encodes ?

thanx in advance


  • plouf,

    It records in Codec format. Use Xvid. You can fit HOURS into 10Gb using that.

    Only tests with different codecs and program material can help you to determine/estimate final file sizes. The audio affects this size greatly.

    Go to http://screencasttutorial.org and read the articles on how to sync and watch the video series to get up to speed quickly.

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