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CamStudio and CamCodec

edited June 2011 in General Discussion
Hi everyone just started using CS for a few days now and really like it. Good job to the developers and thanks for making it free that helps out a poor guy.
To the point I have watched several of the great videos on YT that thritton33 has done to help out a person new to CS but having difficulty getting the Camcodec ( lossless codec ) to show up in video options. Installing a full installation with the codec check box checked restating the PC and even downloading the zip file off Sourceforge website all I see are zip files that I don't know what to do with once it is unzipped there does't seem to be a exe file listed there and one more thing I would like is the ffdshow codec but not sure how to get that either.
I'm using a fairly old HP laptop w/ XP Pro
Thanks for the help Walt
Forgot to mention I'm using CS 2.6 latest stable build


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