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Unable to Record Beyond a Minute or Two at a Time

Hello. I'm a new CamStudio user and am encountering a problem. If I record for just a minute or so, it creates a perfect file with great video and audio. If I record for about 10 mins, however, it errors out with the following message:

File Creation Error. Unable to rename/copy audio file.

OS: Windows XP SP3
File Type: .AVI
Video Codec is CamStudio Lossless 1.5
Audio: Being recorded from speakers

Can anyone help me?

Thank You


  • I think there is a bug where CamStudio does not support files larger than 2GB. I experience the same thing using HuffyUV on Windows 7.
  • I believe it's a limitation of the AVI file type rather than of CamStudio itself. However, since the file type CamStudio creates is AVI, I guess it could be considered a bug of CamStudio.

    Terry Britton is suggesting people use the Xvid codec. Through his and another member's experimentation they determined that it's the best combination of file size (relatively small) and quality. He has provided several links to videos he created which give the settings he's determined work best, as well as links for downloading the free xvid codec. Those links are in threads at the top of this page.
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