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Series of Unfortunate Events...

Just as the title says, this problem consists of many issues. I'll list them in order, it would take to long to describe them.

1: I recorded the video to AVI, which was a full length video (10+ minutes)
2: I stop recording and it said something like: "Cannot sync audio and video. Saved separately as" Then I saved it normally
3: I opened up the Player, tried to open my video, and it said something to the effect of "This file is in use. Rename it or close the program using the file."
4: Then I closed out of the game I was recording, the file explorer, the recorder, everything. I tried to play it again, but said that Camstudio Recorder was using it.? It was closed, but I tried to open the Camstudio Recorder, but it wouldn't do anything. Double clicking or right-click "open" just made it load (like the hourglass cursor) but didn't open.
5: I restarted my computer, logged into my user, opened up the player, and when I tried to play it, I got an "Unable to open movie"

So my problem after all of that is that I can't play my movie, the recorder doesn't always open, and I'm afraid to record more because 2-4 of the issues might happen again.

If someone could help me, even if it's only for one of the issues, it would be appreciated.


  • Ok, some touch-ups on the last post. 2 and 3 were mixed up. I tried to play the video, but it said the prompt shown in 3. So I closed out of Camstudio Recorder, and then the audio and video message popped up. After that I couldn't start up the recorder again.

    I need to know what's happening, why, what I'm doing wrong, etc. Because I can't upload or use any videos if they're not going to be in sync, and I can't play them to make sure it will work.
  • Eric,

    Use MCI to record
    Lagarith Lossless or Xvid compresion.
    Watch your file size - don't go over 2 GB
    See sticky posts for tutorial video links.
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