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Building the project. A more accurate howto is required

edited July 2011 in Code Contributions
I'm trying to build the CamStudio project. With no success for a while.

1) I downloaded Visual Studio C++ Express 2010. Ok.

2) Then I downloaded CxImage (full version is required, right?) and libconfig sources.

3) Now I should build every 3rd party solution. There are 20 of them! Should I build them all?

4) Anyway, building one of CxImage solutions I find RC.EXE is unable to find WINRES.H. Where should I download it from? Ok, I investigted Windows 2003 Platform SDK contains it. I've downloaded PDSK although the number of 2003 looks a bit outdated for me. Then I set env var INCLUDE to a directory where that header file is located but with no success. Could you assist me in that?
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