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Features compared to Captivate?

edited July 2011 in General Discussion
Hi, I'm using Captivate (v3) at work, but the program constantly crashes, so I'm considering switching to CamStudio. However, I'm not sure CamStudio has the features I need.
I'm doing a tutorial including a pause feature. For instance, the tutorial shows a short sequence, then pauses and displays a comment. The tutorial only resumes when the user clicks on the screen.

I did this using "action buttons" in Captivate.

Can I do that with CamStudio?
Grateful for any help!


  • I just tested CamStudio, but I'm afraid I'll have to stick to Captivate (even if it has some nasty bugs), because comments apparently can't be edited once the screen capture is done.

    In Captivate, the good thing is tjat I can edit comments at will in the Captivate file. For example, if I need to translate the comments, I can edit the texts in the Captivate source file, then publish it to SWF with the translated texts.
  • pmiranda,

    Fascinating! Is Captivate also a player? It must be to enable this "pausing" capacity. CamStudio, as you discovered, is purely a video capture tool.

    Thank you for mentioning this - I'm sure some people here will find Captivate a useful tool for teaching!

  • We are using Adobe Captivate at work, in fact. There is a license fee to pay, though, as opposed to CamStudio.
    It's similar to a video editing tool, in that there is a timeline editor, etc. I'm using an old version (v3). I can imagine the latest one (v5) is quite different.
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