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Recording my game

So I am trying to record a game called 911 First responders. When I try and record it, all I get is a black screen... Issues? Help?


  • You need to change it to windowed mode if it's fullscreen. Had this issue with telltale games.
  • I tried this, the most i can get it to record is the loading screen and that is it. When it goes into game, It will record the sound but not video
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    You need to right click on the camstudio launcher icon, then open up propertys and go to compatibility. Once you have got there disable visual themes and disable desktop compassion.

    I did this and i can record games now.
    (and they could still be run fullscreen)
  • aljowen,

    Excellent suggestions!

    For any high-motion recording, you will always get better results by turning off as many special visual features as you can. On some games, where it is allowable, switching the screen color depth to 16-bit color can add a bit of speed to your captures as well (though don't expect miracles!)

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