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two monitor

Have upgraded to r294. Using across two screen on record region shows the edges in green on one monitor but not the other although it does record. Do I need to switch something on somewhere?

Having recorded the movie when playing back in winamp it looks like everything is on a 45 deg tilt. Played in the Camstudio 2 it is OK what setting have I missed.


  • The tilt could be that all the dimensions of the area being captured aren't even numbers.

    Terry Britton, our resident expert, advises setting a specific region for recording rather than the whole screen.

    I also have two monitors and routinely do screen captures of a specific area on the built-in one while doing my other work on the external one.

    Terry will probably be along later and will probably have an answer on the rest or your question. If you're recording across two screens, I have no real idea.
  • stephen,

    Which compressor are you using? Xvid and many others require that the height and width are always even numbers. Try using the fixed region and set a width that spans both monitors, with whatever height setting that works. You may have to experiment with this for a while. Uploading to YouTube now is always converted to MP4, so it seems the even-numbered dimensions rule is totally needed there.

    Also, if you are seeing green and don't want that, try turning off the flashing in Options|Program Options.

  • Thanks but ......

    If I switch off the Flashing rectangle then I do not see it so that is good and working. But when I switch it on I only get it on one monitor even though I dragged the area across both, it does record correctly. It is frustrating I cannot see where it is on the monitor though.

    The compressor I have is the default "Cinepak Codec by Radius" Changing to another Like M.Soft MPEG is exactly the same. OS is XP with all service packs.

    If I go for fixed region and drag it to mark it then run it I get the area highlighted as it should be so that is good but I get an extra area marked in one monitor and under my cursor is another movable area that I cannot move from one monitor to the other it stays caged in one monitor.

    Does any of that help or confuse just ask it you need more info. If it was possible to record the screen of me doing it I could send you the Vid but I cannot see how to do that so tell me if that would help and how to do it.

  • edited August 2011

    The two-monitor functionality was put in recently and is very much a beta kind of thing. You could try the MS Video 1 codec to see if it permits the video to not be slanted. What I have done in the past is to load the video into VirtualDub and used the cropping filter to force it into a dimension of width and height that was "legal".

    I wouldn't be surprised if the old "off-by-one-pixel" bug that returned when the fixed-region option was repaired is what is causing this 45-degree slanting. It now also affects the "Window Region" option, so when I use BrianApps' Sizer, I have to set each window to one pixel smaller (the bug then compensates it to the correct, intended size). There have been other dimensions that have confounded CamStudio with certain compressors also - like using 854X480 rather than 856X480 (the latter works, the former gives the 45-degree tilt).

    Please keep us informed of any progress you make.

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