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Shocking images after recording

I am using Sony's PMB tool to show photo's. Panorama-photo's can be scrolled, showing a -smooth scrolling- kind of 'video' moving in the direction the panorama-photo was recorded. Unfortunately PMB cannot export this 'video'.
After recording this 'video' with CamStudio, I only see shocking images, not what I saw in the PMB-tool.

I recorded the CamStudio video with Microsoft Video 1 codec as well as CamStudio Lossless codec 1.5.
Recording the 'video' with Microsoft MPEG-4 codec(s) results in a smooth CamStudio-video, but now the color is all grey/black/white and the video is in a 45 degrees angle.

Trying to load a DivX codec failed. After installing the DivX codec, it didn't show in the Video Options.

Please help. Thx


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