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textfile being mistaken for captions

firstly, thanks for the multi-monitor support on recent versions of camstudio, very useful.

Now, in the latest version, camstudio always saves a textfile with the same file title as the avi, containing "<recorder><version>2.6<\version><release>294<\release><\recorder>". I can't see a way to turn this off.

However, the existance of this textfile causes problems when playing the file with VLC, which seems to assume that a textfile of same name as video will contain caption data.

VLC's error message is of the form "VLC can't recognize the input's format: The format of 'Z:\myvideo.txt' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details." (even though the AVI file is fine)


  • almien,

    That text file is among the temp files, and should have erased itself when you succeeded in saving your final copy. It was only used by the stopwatch add-on. VLC has totally different problems with CamStudio files that go back a long way - I have no idea why they haven't fixed the problem (which they admit was on their end...) Are you playing the file in the temp folder??? Where is your finished file? It may be in the Program Files(x86)\Camstudio folder, or in your temp folder if you had moved that (named with a timestamp), or if you select "ask for filename" under Options|Program Options|Name of AVI File it will save where you ask it to be saved with any filename you assign.

  • Option: "Directory for recording" is set to "Use Windows Temporary Directory"

    Option: "Name of AVI file" is set to "Ask for filename"

    I can see ~temp-20110928_1738_06.txt. and ~temp-20110928_1738_06.avi being created in the c:\windows\temp directory during recording.

    After pressing stop, the file dialog prompt appears, and I tell it to save as test1.avi in (for example) c:\mydir which was previously empty.

    It then creates c:\mydir\test1.avi and c:\mydir\test1.txt, and deletes ~temp-20110928_1738_06.txt. and ~temp-20110928_1738_06.avi
  • almien,

    hmmmmm.... I never get that txt file anymore. Try changing the temp directory, perhaps.

    I'll ask the programmers and get back to you!

  • @Terry,

    Are you sure that you do not get that text file?
    As far as I know that file is a log file that should help us to identify which version is used to create the avi. In the past we got issue reported that something did not not work as expected but user was not able to tell us which camstudio release was used. Some of our users are using multiple versions.
  • Jan,

    Heck, you are right - I did just find an old log. I must have been deleting them very routinely and forgot I even had them as a bother! Here's the contents of this one:

    They all are probably alike. I suppose you cannot turn this off from being created in the first place. So, deleting them (like I do in a semi-conscious state) is the only answer for the VLC player crowd, I guess.

  • Is this [camstudio version number] something that could be saved in the AVI metadata?
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