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I have tried on Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. When I click on video annotation, my webcam lights up and a blackbox appears on the screen. I can not get video in the black box.

I have tried in compatibility mode, the result is the same.


  • Hello,

    Can someone please help?
  • eventrader,

    I have NEVER been able to get Video Annotation to work - on three computers (2 XP, 1 Win7), with three webcams. Very, very frustrating.

    Sorry I am not of much help, but I wanted you to know this was not an isolated problem you alone are experiencing. We have an update coming soon - hopefully that will repair that issue for those of us who cannot enjoy that feature.

    If it makes any difference, my systems (all three) worked dismally with Jing Pro's inset-camera feature also.

  • Maybe we could start a list of webcams that don't work with CamStudio until someone posts that there is one that does work.
  • edited July 2012

    That would indeed be handy!

    For me, neither the Logitech 600 series, nor the Microsoft Cinema, nor an old Creative Labs Webcam Live worked with the CamStudio video annotation inset feature, but it could be the chipsets of the computers' motherboards that caused that. (On three computers, though???) If anyone has ever gotten it to work, I'd love to hear about it!

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