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Hot-Keys Working in any release yet????

edited October 2011 in General Discussion
Hi all,

I have been unable to use hot-keys, messages even state they don't work. I really need them to at this point, so is there any fix or new ver that has resolved this? Is it me doing something wrong?

I'm on ver 2 right now, think I have 2.6 on another computer.



  • I think I finally got it to work after many months! Not sure what the difference was though.

    What is the second set for to the right of the first column of keys when you do your setups?

  • morgandy,

    If you find out what you did right, I'd love to know! The biggest discovery for me was that unless I right-clicked on the icon and ran CamStudio "As and Administrator" in Win 7 (and likely this applies to Vista as well), it would not save my settings, and I'd have to go in and do it all over again each time.

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