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Program disappears after first open

I am experience very odd behavior with CamStudio. I am running Windows 7 and when I click on the CAMStudio icon after booting up, I am able to work with the application. As in I see the application on my desk top. After I close it and wait a few minutes, then try and start it again, the application does not appear at all. The only way, I can do this is to download it and reinstall it again. Can anybody help with this one?


  • Dogma, I'm assuming you're running CamStudio 2.6b and not 2.0.

    Please check your settings at Options>>Program Settings. If Minimize is checked, the white control screen goes to the tray by the clock. You can bring it back up by doubleclicking on it. The program icon itself is still where it was -- on your desktop or on the taskbar or wherever it was before.

    If I have misunderstood your question, I apologize.
  • Be certain to close it from the program window, not from the task bar or tray window. Otherwise the process for "flashing" keeps running, along with some other issues. A computer restart should have fixed this, though, and reinstalling should not have been necessary. Do run the installer as an administrator, and run the program that way also so it remembers your changes to settings.

  • The important point in all the above is...

    While you think the icon on the bar at the bottom LEFT is the program and are frustrated that you cannot stop recording or even see the program other than a FLASHING icon...

    ... the actual icon connected to & controlling the program is in the TASKBAR, possibly requiring you to hit the up arrow to find it.

    I was so frustrated. I loved it when it worked, but periodically it disappeared. (Why only sometimes is also confusing but...)

    Once I knew to look in the TASKBAR on the right, I could control it and enjoy excellent taping of videos.
  • Heh - you aren't kidding, Etoin - that is entirely unintuitive that the program that is running is hiding in the taskbar!!! I think we should change that. I'll use what influence I have to see to that.

    Hey, Nick!!! What Etoin said!!! ;-)

  • Hi Terry

    Adding it to the wishlist ...


    Nick :)
  • Or let it still be in the taskbar but force it to a particular position so it doesn't disappear if the area isn't set to display all.
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