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Recording both mic and speaker audio on Vista.

edited November 2008 in General Discussion
Hi Nick and friends,

Great app CamStudio is.

I am about to install it but i need some help to do the above, I want to record both mic (student) and speakers (from teacher talking on-line), so this way student gets to watch and listen to himself and teachers convo on tutorial. How can I set Vista to do this.

How and What is the best quality to record fullscreen and leave the settings as we want for same recordings, so that (student) can just record sessions with out any clicking around in Cam Studio.

My System is Vista Home Premuim
Intel Core2Duo, 1.8Ghz
14.1 inch
Nvidia Gforce 7300 Turbo Cache upto 400MB
2Gb DDR2

Thank you for any support.

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