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CamStudio 2.6 beta Video (unknown location)

I installed cam studio 2.6 beta and made test recording to see if it works and how it works. The recording where total of 5gigabytes. I found out when 5gb where missing on my SSD (hard-rive) I cant find the recording i looked in the installation folder and everywhere, i just cant find the recordings. Please tell me where i could find the recording... im running windows 7 64BIT . Please help!!!


  • If you changed nothing in the settings before recording, your recordings are probably in the Windows temp directory. Maybe you could search using "*.avi", since CamStudio produces files with an avi extension. If a real file was produced, you should be able to identify it by the file's timestamp.

    But if you are saying that you had one file that was 5 gb in size, you probably don't have a usable file since AVI files cannot be larger than 2 GB (maybe slightly more but not much). That's a suggestion for your future tests.

    I'd suggest that for further test that you set your own directory for CamStudio to use for your files. That place can be set in the Options menu. Personally, I have a directory named CamStudio data where all of my recordings go.
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