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Website Bug

edited January 2012 in Announcements
You guys have a bug in your forum that allows newly registered members to approve/decline theirs' and others' premiership. New members can also delete forum entries and more. Upon being approved, the bug goes away for some reason.


  • Anyone got any ideas about why the board won't allow anything to be posted from notepad or a word processor? All I'm getting is "internal server error". Can't do much without a workaround or fix.

  • Ken,

    That server error comes and goes. Sometimes I think certain words trigger it (like the word "from"), but I have never defeated it. It seems to go away the following day, so... your guess is as good as mine!

  • I have experienced the same issue. I tried to reply to a message in my inbox, but was unable to do so. When I tried to send an email to webmaster@camstudio.org to inform them of the issue, I got a MAILER-DAEMON email saying the message could not be delivered.
  • There is no webmaster@ email address, if you need to contact me at support@
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