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Recording shows window upside down and reversed (i.e. mirror image)


I'm recording a Word document with voice over. However, the playback has the voice over correct but the video shows the recorded window upside down and reversed (i.e. upside down mirror image). Any ideas on how to fix are appreciated.

CamStudio 2.6 Build r294
Win 7
Office Word 2007


  • Viewed .avi on CamStudio Player Plus and the window is correct BUT now I've lost the audio!
  • Alllllrighty then! In trying to trouble shoot the upside down and backwards thingy I changed my audio settings. Have them reset and working!

    To recap: video can be viewed "as recorded" (not upside down and mirrored) when I playback using the CS PlayerPlus. The audio thing was my fault and corrected.

    Thanks for listening.
  • That upside-down thing I fixed once using VirtualDub by simply loading the video and re-exporting it as an AVI again. Try it and see if it makes it work for you.

  • When using Virtual Dub for this purpose, remember to set video for “direct stream copy”. It defaults to full processing when closed. I think the idea here is to re-write the header without re-encoding.

  • I think that's right indeed, bmoreken. Thanks!
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