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Will CamStudio allow me to record my desktop and webcam at the same time?

Hey guys,

Just need some advice about this software before I install it.

I want to start recording my own weather forecasts and post them on to YouTube and possibly other websites. I can do a face to camera forecast easily of course, but what I'd like to do is add charts, maps and other online material to the videos to make them more interesting and to actually show people what I'm talking about.

So, I need software that will allow me to record my webcam and desktop images at the same time. Would like to know whether CamStudio allows me to do this before I download it.




  • Well, I've got Cam Studio and a web cam set up and everything is working fine and doing exactly what I wanted to do.
  • Ahh, that's terrific! Can you share how you did it?

    Many webcams do not work with the video annotations tool in CamStudio itself, but often one can use the "preview" window that most webcams come with and place that on the screen, then record that along with the rest of the screen and it works fine (may need 32-bit color for this).

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    Ok, first off I got Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD because I felt it was important to have a top quality cam and microphone. Only payed £38.00 at amazon and its definately worth it because the microphone with this cam is outstanding.

    The webcam screen window with Life Cam Cinema is way to big, so I downwloaded a free webcam programme called AvaCam v. 3.2. This allows you to have a much smaller webcam box on your screen and allows you to move the box around the screen.

    Then I downloaded Cam Studio and the Camstudio Lossless Codec v. 1.5 (you have to make sure you enable the lossless codec as your compressor - Do this by going to Options, click on video options and then under compressor select the Lossless Codec v. 1.5.

    You have to select your mircophone (lifecam microphone) Do this by again going to Options, click on audio options, select audio options for microphone and you should see the microsoft life cam listed in the microphone options. Make sure that mircophone is enabled.

    Finally you might have to enable microphone on your computers audio options. Not sure if this would be the same for all computers, but I went to Control Panel, cicked on speakers/audio and then enabled microphones.

    Thats pretty much everything. Took me quite a while to work it all out, but not everything is working fine and I'm extremely pleased.

    This is the finished product:

    Pretty cool eh? Really a fantastic software. One little bug I've come across is that occasionally it doesn't save the video file, but thats the only flaw I've found and it is a very, very occasional thing. The people that designed CamStudio should be very pleased. :)
  • Terrific, Gavin! Great video - and the sound is very good.

    I love that little AvaCam application - thanks for the tip!

  • Hey guys, thought you might want to keep up to date with my new developments.

    I've developed a website for my videos; http://www.gavsweathervids.com/

    I'm linking to CamStudio from my links page.

    BTW, just one question I have, is there any way I can use Camstudio to record in widescreen and get rid of those ugly black bars on either side of the video?
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    Why require people to download an FLV player, when you can merely embed the YouTube embed code and it uses their player? (From the Share button, click the Embed button and the code will appear. You can select various height and width combinations, or create your own custom sizes.)

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    Hi Terry,

    Thats what I do. The FLV player ad is just something that pops up occasionally because of the video advertiser I'm affiliated to, but if you take a second look you'll see the video is there embedded from YouTube. The video is right under my Weather Summary section.

    You've got me concerned though, because if the initial reaction from people when they hit on my website and see that FLV player ad is that they need to download the FLV player to watch my videos, then clearly I've got a bit of a problem.

    I'll perhaps have to see if I can try and get the ad company to drop that particular ad? Its an Adsense type company though, so I'm not sure if theres much I can do about it.
  • Yes, Gavin, it gives the definite impression on all your pages that you cannot watch the video at all unless you download the FLV player. I'd drop them.

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