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Creating Chapters for video

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This is my first project and I need to get it done ASAP for my work. I would like to create a video that has clickable chapters to jump ahead in the video. I would like it to play in Windows Media Player. Does anybody know if this is an option for this format. I have seen that I can add that feature in QuickTime, but have come up short searching for WMP. Thanks for the help


  • You can record your content using CamStudio, but what you are asking for (inserting indexes) is beyond the scope of CamStudio's capabilities. You do need an editor of some kind in order to do that. Make sure you use a codec that is compatible with your editor - do some SHORT test recordings first and see if they load OK into your editor.

    Windows Movie Maker does not have that ability of inserting indexes, so you'll have to use Quicktime or something else. Perhaps Microsoft's free encoder can do it?


    Also, see if VirtualDub can do it now.


    What you are attempting to do is non-trivial, as I suppose you are starting to gather!

  • A different solution would be to stream it into a browser instead, using YouTube's native embedding iframe format which can include a start time. Having separate iframes load via a click each having different start times might be the easiest route to take, especially in a pinch.

  • Thanks for the tips I will check them out. Ok that is good to know that WMM does not have the ability. To do it in quicktime wasn't difficult. I'm going to have to get with the IT guy here and find out how he wants to share it. I'll post my solution if I even end up using bookmarks/chapters.
  • Call me crazy here, but would it not suffice to create separate videos for each chapter, keep them in one folder and/or playlist and skip between chapters that way?

    In case you are not aware you can open multiple videos in sequence in Windows Media Player or VLC and then simply click forward/next to skip onwards.

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    That would definitely be a simple solution, sharing a playlist with people and keeping the video chapters as separate files.

    I've seen plenty of video tutorials also that are distributed in a similar fashion with flash players and an HTML document that opens each of the files inside of a browser.

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    You should be able to create a DVD with clickable chapters using DVDFlick:

    http://dvdflick.net (also free and open source)



    Nick :)
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