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Please return Camstudio 2.1 to the downloads. (2.6 has some unresolved bugs)

Please return Camstudio 2.1 to the downloads, as 2.6 will not display ffdshow codecs.
In my opinion this is a huge bug that should be resolved before 2.0 should be removed.

Incidentally, why has it taken so long for this to be resolved? The small gains of 2.6 do not match the loss of losing ffdshow.

Regards Benny


  • Use Jawor's Xvid instead, and you will be happy.


    Just make certain to set the configuration to quality 1, choose a good profile (HD720 is terrific for YouTube), and click the "Other Options" button at the bottom and un-check the "display encoder status window" item.

    OR you can try the new 2.6c beta. It shows FFDSHOW on my machine as well as Xvid.

    See this thread for help:

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    Hi, thanks for the response.
    Jawor is obscure and not a major codec pack unlike ffdshow or k-lite.
    What harm is there in returning version 2.1 to the web page? Especially if it can still do something better than 2.6
    I am recording 720p videos using the ffdshow h.264 Codec at 2 meg per minute, and the quality is crystal. Unfortunately 2.6 wont allow this and to get the same quality requires 10meg and greater per minute. I challenge you to try it and see what I am talking about. Keep in mind one oddity, that you must also record sound during the capture, as for some strange reason the file size increases without sound. I think you'll be impressed.
    I think 2.6 is a step backwards until the release version can at least match it's predecessors features.
    Would you prefer if I created another Canstudio page that offered the download with an explanation?
    Thanks again for all that you're doing.

    Regards Benny
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    2.6c in the "Next" folder at SourceForge will show the ffdshow codec for you, along with all the others you may have installed.


    You'll need 7-Zip to unzip it and install it:


    The video I just made in the sticky area up top (2012...etc) shows the setup for 2.0, 2.6b and 2.6c. I now use 2.0 AND 2.6c together on a Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit machine, and that video covers all the particulars.

    Please share with us a video showing your settings in ffdshow with h.264! I'd love to see that!

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