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video annotation problem on Vista

Video annotation problem on Vista. Camstudio finds my built-in into laptop webcam as a source, but won't bring an image, just black box. What is possible problem? I tried to connect another webcam via USB port, the same story... I did not find alike problem on the forum, sorry if I missed it and bother you. Thanks in advance!


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    I've never been able to get that feature to work, not with the four webcams I've tried it with. It is very machine specific what it will work with, apparently.

    A simpler solution is to open the webcam's own monitor window and position it wherever you like, as large or small as you like, and record your screen with that pinned to always be on top, if you can.

    See this post for a good recommendation for a cool little utility that will help with this!


  • Thanks a lot. That was very helpful!

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