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Need some help getting started

edited February 2012 in General Discussion
I am new to cam studio and have tried to create a couple of videos. One with sound and one without sound. Neither have been successful. I can't open either one in the media player or the cam studio player. I also get a green flashing screen. Any suggestions?


  • Hi devans850

    Check out the sticky link that contains the URL for Terry's CamStudio tutorials on YouTube ...


    Nick :)
  • The green flashing screen usually comes from attempting to stop the recording by closing the task-bar item. Trouble is, CamStudio's recorder doesn't currently minimize to the task bar, but to the tray instead. That's the "Flashing" indicator in the task bar. Messes everything up trying to stop CamStudio by closing that one!

    You can turn off the flashing in the Options | Program Options section - or simply get used to not minimizing CamStudio at all (instead, collapsing the window using the fourth button from the left), or getting comfortable with it being in that little tray icon.

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