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text on shape disappears on closing font dialog box

All my shapes created in 2.5 work when opened in 2.6 EXCEPT black text created on white shapes. When I open the saved shape all I see is the white background box. Then when I edit the text - the black text appears. But when I close the edit font dialog box, the black text disappears and all that is left is the white shape. The same thing happens in 2.6 if I try to create text on a white (blank) box ---- I see the text -- I can edit the font and size --- but as soon as I close the font dialog box the text is gone.
Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Georg found out that it had to do with the anti-aliasing setting:

    "right click on the image,
    select anti Alias
    choose No Anti Alias
    and voila the text appears

    (flat text is preset to the above option)"

    Search for the word "annotations" here to see if there are other posts. Let me know if the above does or does not work for you.

  • Georg was correct!
    Many thanks!

  • Excellent! :-)

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