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Voice over Tablet tutorials

edited March 2012 in General Discussion
I've been thinking about crafting some on-line tutorials much like the Khan Academy presentations. Simple voice over scratch-pad video. The target audience would view directly on their computers . . .which also means that I'd want to distribute the files as Windows Media Files (wmf). The voice over tablet segments to be edited into wmf video from other sources. Is this software suited to this task? Thanks!


  • Distribute as MP4 files - the same standard used by YouTube - and you'll have universal acceptance on all media players. Any Video Converter's Custom MP4 with AC3 audio is great and works across all players I've tested.

    I use Xvid as the codec for recording mine - excellent quality and up to 3 hours of raw footage without going over the 2GB AVI file size limit for me. (Run TESTS for your system) I use SKFE of 200, CFE of 100 and PBR of 10 to accomplish this, with Xvid at quality of 1 (highest quality setting) capturing via the HD720 profile in Jawor's version of Xvid at 1280X720 screen size. Quite editable in many editors, including Windows Movie Maker.

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