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deleteFile failed; code 5, Access is denied

I installed camstudio on Friday March 9th and tested it out for about 15 minutes. I could not devote any more time then so came back on Sunday March 11 to continue. On that date, I could not open the program. I then decided to uninstall and re-install. When I tried to re-install, I got the message that follows; ----- An error occured while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5, Access Denied.
Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file(not recommended), or abort to cancel installation. ------ End of message
I tried several times to hit the "try again" button, each time giving me the same result, I then hit the "ignore" button, getting the above result later in the installation.
I then un-installed again with the same results. The program will not run, but I cannot totally un-install the program to get back to the point where I was at the first time I ran it on March 9th.
I am sure that somewhere on this forum, someone has some experience similar to help solve this problem and has some suggestions.


  • What operating system are you on?

    Did you try reinstalling?

    What version of the program are we talking about, and where did you get it from?

    If in Vista or Win7, try reinstalling it running the installer as an administrator.

    This one is new on me, but we likely can get to the bottom of what is happening.

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