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Using CamStudio with Skype?

edited March 2012 in General Discussion
Hi all you clever people!!
I was wondering if it is possible to record a conversation, with audio-a two way conversation, that I will be having with someone on Skype? We will be looking at some design ideas and it would be great to record and play it back later so that I can make sure that everything is remembered.


  • Yes, you can do that. But you will need to be able to capture via Stereo Mix the computer audio AND your mic audio, which is a pain on Win7 and Vista.

    There are several skype audio recorders that you could use to capture the audio portion with while recording without audio the video portion, then merge your audio into the video using Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub, or several other tools available for free out there.


    Several options, starting with about the fifth listing, record both the audio and the video.

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