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AVI file unplayable

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I'm not sue what codec this program is using to encode the AVI files, but they are not viewable on Windows Media Player or VLC Player. I have downloaded the full version of K-Lite Video Codecs so I can only assume that either there is a glitch when the video is encoded or you are using some completely unheard of and obscure codec.

I work for The University of Denver Penrose Library and until recently we relied on Jing Pro for all our video and image captures. We use this technology to create tutorials for students, faculty and staff on library services, resources, etc. As a result it is of the utmost importance that the software be simple, easy to use and most importantly that it work properly.

Can you please provide a fix or patch that will output AVI, MPG, or MP4 videos that are viewable in WMP and/or VLC? I have seen numerous posts on hear reporting the same issue I am so this is not a new problem, however I have yet to see the issue fully address. What little I have seen involves extensive troubleshooting of each person's system, and yet we do not have these issues when using Jing Pro so I know it is possible.

Thank you.


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    Please reference this response I just wrote at this thread:


    I view my videos on WMP and VLC every day, so I have no idea what codec you are using. I use Jawor's Xvid. What codec did you chose from the Video Options section?

    Jing Pro has decided to disappear after one year, so we all got messed up by that one. They want to sell SnagIt.

    Have you ever used Any Video Converter? I use it ALWAYS to convert files to MP4 using the custom MP4 settings. They play anywhere.


    CamStudio is using an AVI-1 spec container, and AVI-2 is the modern version that we will eventually move along to. That right there will allow us to overcome the 2GB file size limit. Know any programmers who can help? (You understand that this is an open-source project and that all the programmers and I myself are volunteers?)

    I ONLY use Jawor's Xvid now. http://jawormat.republika.pl/xvid.html
    When configuring, hit the button at the bottom that says, "More Options" and un-check the "Display encoding status window" check box.

    Use quality of 1 for just about everything, and typically his 720HD profile.

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