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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.6.0 Installation VIDEO


Followed the video 04a - Installing the K-Lite-Full (or Mega) Codec Pack for recording with CamStudio, but ran into a few problems I don't know how to fix.

First; the K-Lite product setup has changed. There was no "Real Video 1,2,3,4" check box to check.
Second; I was not sure which in the list were encoders and decoders, so aside from making the suggested changes I left the defaults as they were.

Now that I've completed the installation, I found that I have an extra "xVid MPEG-4 Codec" entry in in my Compressor list : (( How do I remove this?

But hooray, I do have the Lame;

Then again; I do NOT have the AC 3-ACM in the Format list for the Audio format; am I supposed to have this?

Also; not sure, but I have a 64-bit system, however I installed the 32-bit version, because I am thinking that CamStudio is a 32-bit program - correct selection?

Afraid to perform an uninstall and start over, because of the changes K-Lite made to my Registry.

In addition, there is an recent update that I haven't touched yet.

Sorry for the barrage of questions. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

(Honestly, I do a lot of installations and pretty computer literate, but this has to be one of the hardest installations I've ever done.)

Thank you,


  • Well following reboot, one of the xVid entries went away.
  • sloughmi,

    I saw that you fixed one problem in another thread. You were correct in thinking that the 32-bit versions were the ones to use.

    Sorry about the K-Lite changes. Perhaps I should re-shoot that video, or take it down altogether. It gets LAME in there, but I don't think that is even useful any longer, as it throws off my sync badly. I use AC3 with good success AFTER finishing the recording re-compressing using "Any Video Converter" into MPEG-4 with AC3 audio.

    Lately I've just used Jawor's Xvid and had "Use MCI to record" checked in the audio-options-for-microphone section.

    Ask as many questions as you need to ask - I check in a few times a week here and am happy to help out.

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