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Take print screen on demand (not using low Frames rate)

edited April 2012 in General Discussion

I start to use CamStudio and I would like to know if at the place of reduce the Video Frames sequences (ex: 1 per second), is it possible to capture manually (on demand) each of our screen shot? I mean, at the place to reduce the Frames rate, if we could have button where we can just click on to capture screen ... it could reduce considerably the videos size.

Exemple, for 1 hour recording presentation, I would like to record voice but take only few screen shot (in synch with voice on replay).



  • I would recommend a different approach, using Jing or Evernote for their screen-grab capability or the built-in Windows-7 screen capture, along with a free audio recorder like Audacity. You can then compile your screen shots with the audio using free tools like Windows PhotoShow, Windows Movie Maker, or a slide-show program like Powerpoint or the free open source tools from Open Office/libreOffice


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