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Recording mic and audio AND hearing audio yourself

edited May 2012 in General Discussion
Yes, I know that there have been discussions about recording mic and audio, and for me, they work. Only one problem: I'm recording games, and I want to hear game audio myself also, from headset. I use the stereo mix and speakers for recording audio properly, but I really have no idea how to hear audio but no mic, example: in stere mix properties, I put 'listen this with' to my headset -> I hear everything I say, about half a second after I said it, witch is REALLY annoying, so, any ideas?



  • perdex,

    What you are experiencing as a "lag" is called "latency" and is the product of lousy sound cards! You have to spend some money to get lower latency. I broke down and bought a Focusrite 2in2out for $150 to finally have some joy (and use an external mixer as well).

    Otherwise, you need to simply take the headphones off and try to strain to hear the audio of the game - sorry!

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