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Trying to record a Powerpoint presentation

edited May 2012 in General Discussion
I currently have a Toshiba Satelite C675 laptop with 2.3 Ghz Intel processor and an Intel grahics card. It also has a Realtek HD sound card. Everytime I try to record a Powerpoint presentation I put together, it will record it but the recording stays on one slide the entire recording. The narration audio is fine. Does anyone have any tips to get Cam Studio to record the entire slide presentation?


  • rhaug43,

    See the "2012" video referenced up top in the sticky topics area and see if you glean any tips there. Naturally, CamStudio is used MOSTLY for recording Powerpoint presentations, so it is likely a codec setting that is holding you back.

    The info box accompanying the YouTube video at YouTube contains links to many useful areas and programs that may help you out here, and the video also explains how to use Xvid and set up the sound.

  • Terry,

    Awesome! I viewed your video and the fix worked perfectly. Thanks a million.
  • rhaug43,

    That's great to hear!

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