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Thus camstudio records ingame sounds?

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Is camstudio recording ingame sounds?
Like sounds from Battlefield 3?
Just the normal sounds that play while playing a game?

Greetings aapje88


  • aapje88,

    Yes - if you've got Stereo Mix on your machine. Unfortunately, some computer manufacturers have taken this feature off their machines, likely under pressure from the RIAA and music labels - the same folks who would happily remove all your rights on the Internet (see SOPA!)

    I have a few tutorials on the web on YouTube for recording the sound from games, but pretty much you select Stereo Mix as your recording source, then aim the playback there.

    What operating system are you using?

  • I my OS is Windows 7
  • aapje88,

    Then in the "Recording" panel, you should see Stereo Mix at the bottom. If you do not, right-click and select, "Show Hidden" or some such thing, then right-click again and make it default. If "Show Hidden" doesn't turn it up, then your manufacturer is an RIAA boot-licker.

  • alright i will try
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