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Cannot Change Temporal Quality Ratio

In v2.6 r295 Temporal Quality Ratio is stuck on 0.75. I can change it and exit the dialogue box but when I reopen it I see it is 0.75 again. Is it because I am using the Codec (Microsoft Video 1) bundled with Camstudio?

To be honest I don't even know what TQR means. I'm just trying to find optimal settings.


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    Well, you won't find optimal settings ANYWHERE within the Microsoft Video 1 codec! ;-)

    Watch the recent 2012 video to see how to set up Xvid - you'll get much better compression and quality.


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    I take it TQR parameter is not changeable. Noticed that video tip already (thanks) but I need to be able to edit it and I think you said somewhere that XVID is not importable into Premiere(?)

    My main concern is smoothness of movement. CamStudio (just like CaptureWiz Pro) stutters. It looks like the real world equivalent of when you drag something along the ground and it occasional catches. It does not matter how small the cpature window or what settings or computing resources. As a software DJ my demo video is pretty much static except for scrolling audio Wave displays and I like the way a low res MV1 gliches it so as to give an illusion of blurring and hence smooth movement.
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    Try Lagarith Lossless or UT, perhaps, for Premiere.


    You won't get hours of recording time (TEST!!!) but you will have lossless files that can be edited in Premiere. Or you could convert to Lagarith or UT via Any-Video-Converter, I imagine.

    Even though it makes file sizes pretty large, setting Capture Frames Every to 40 and Playback Rate to 25 (which sums to 1000 as advised) might make it smooth enough without stuttering. Or reverse those numbers to really push the processor - it will likely still drop frames, but they may not produce stuttering that is noticeable.

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