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Tracking down the missing codecs (x264 etc)

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I've been looking around these forums and the internet in general for information about lossless and other codecs, and why some are not available in the latest Camstudio version.

I did a bit of my own experimentation and found they go missing between r264 and r273. The reason they go missing is due to colorspaces. Codecs that are not operating in RGB color space do not appear in r273 and later versions. This is what makes codecs like x264 disappear from the list, since it operates in YV12 colorspace.

I've also noticed that this can make RGB-capable codecs disappear as well. For instance, using the Lagarith Lossless Codec, you can configure it to use RGB, YUY2, or YV12 colorspace. If you don't choose RGB, capture will fail to start, and the codec will disappear from the list. To get it back, you'd have to configure it to use RGB from another program such as VirtualDub.


  • AHA! Thanks for that tip!

    The CamStudio 2.6c in the Next folder at Sourceforge does show more codecs. Try that and let me know if it shows these other color space codecs, would you?


    You need 7-Zip to un-zip this:


    And the 2010 version of the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries (likely already in your machine)

    x64 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13523

    x386 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328

    Run CamStudio from the recorder.exe file in the folder.

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    Yes, it does show them. It seems to have trouble starting capture a lot, but I'm not sure thats codec related, since it does start sometimes and in general seems a bit crashy.

    Somewhat related to that, it would be nice if configs saved when you changed a setting, since if it crashes you lose your config. I've taken to setting things up and closing/reopening the program, if I remember.

    Is there another place where I can post small suggestions/requests like this?
  • HTL2001,

    Post anywhere you like! The general discussion area is good, as are the sticky posts up top that are relevant. The better your title is, the more likely other folks can find it. Also, feel free to post comments in relevant places at my YouTube channel at tbritton33. Here is the CamStudio playlist from there:

    Thanks for checking into that for me. I've been using 2.6c exclusively for a little over a month now with Jawor's Xvid and have not experienced a single crash so far. I have a 64-bit Win7 machine with quadcore and currently with Nvidia but previously with an ATI.

    One of the main things fixed in 2.6c was the codec issue.

    What kind of crashing have you encountered?

  • Generally when starting recording. Sometimes it just fails and asks if I want to use the default codec, other times it says it cant get the waveout (? I think that was what it said), and then sometimes it crashes. I'm using 64-bit Win7 as well, "window" type capture, and usually on my second monitor. ATI card, quad core as well.
  • If it asks about the default codec, that is just about always due to the dimensions not being even-numbered in width and height.

    The waveout issue usually only comes up if you try to use the deprecated "Record from Speakers" feature that used to work in older versions of Windows XP, but doesn't work now.

    Use either fixed region capture or full screen - it is really hard to get a window to be the correct size (see the 2012 tech video for more on that).

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