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echo problem with 2.5b1

edited August 2009 in General Discussion
Last week I started recording my lectures using a boom-type earpiece microphone and a wireless transmitter/receiver combo. It is great, allows me to wander up to 50ft from the teacher station and still have crystal clear sound. Recorded two lectures Thurs and Fri using v2.0 without a hitch. I activated my mike in both the windows record and playback panels, no probs, in fact it made my voice louder and easier to understand (kind of a PS system during lecture).

Upgraded to 2.5b1 over the weekend. Using the same setup as above, now you hear an echo chamber effect during recording (and, of course, during playback as well). I had to kill my speaker system during record in order to eliminate the problem.

I am sure I just have something set up wrong in CS 2.5b1, as it did not occur when using v2.0 ...

Any ideas out there??? Thanks


  • Turn-off microphone in playback panel.
    Select only microphone in record panel.
    Click Advanced button record panel and check "Boost".
    Hope this helps.
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