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Recording lag

edited June 2012 in Support
Let me begin by saying I'm a long time computer nerd and have no success trying numerous things with this issue. I am stumped :(

I got CS installed and recorded 2x 1 hour videos of myself playing poker. 1st was xvid with audio, the other was lossless w/o audio. No problems with recording/playback and why would there be there's so little movement that I might as well be recording a still image =p

The next video I record goes smoothly for about 7-8 minutes then there's a bit of lag which turns into fairly serious lag so I end up sitting out in games, missing hands, etc. I attempt numerous other videos with the same result. Proceed to try everything I can think of / can google to no avail. I even try recording at 5fps/noaudio and it still gets this sick lag even though it's far from stressing my computer.

Thanks guys. Any/all ideas and longshots are welcome lol


  • tomodak,

    Streaming video, I take it? It may be the new Flash version is screwing up, stealing the entire processor away from CamStudio, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Try creating a video with the CamStudio recording window visible and see if the numbers freeze in that dialog, or if it is only the streaming video content that freezes.

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