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Quick Start Guide

edited July 2012 in Announcements
Wanted to see if the creator/owner of Camstudio would allow me to compile a quick-start guide/manual for Camstudio that just shows the basics of how to use the software and maybe examples of where you can't. (ie. You can't screen record starcraft Brood War because of resolution)
I'd make it into an easy-to-read PDF with pictures and a table of contents and everything using Microsoft Word.


  • I can also include FAQ and Tips & Tricks in the guide so users don't have to spend more time logging onto the forum.
  • SilverRattler,

    There is nobody here who would ever imagine holding you back from doing these!

    Let me know when you have them!

    See some of my stuff, like the mindmap, at http://screencasttutorial.org

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