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Poor gameplay capture footage

edited July 2012 in Support
I'm using Camstudio (2.6) to capture in-game footage of the game Spiral Knights and it's quality is not the level I was expecting. I'm getting fantastic framerate, but the video quality is a little dismal. Is there possibly a way with the video settings to get better video quality without sacrificing frame rate? A screenshot is below for example, along with my video codec in use and my current settings with it.

Xvid MPEG-4 Codec (Jawor's Binary Build for 64-bit systems)
Quality: 100
Set Key Frames Every: 30 Frames
Capture Frames Every: 20 ms
Playback Rate: 60 frames/ps

Profile @ Level: Xvid HD 1080
Encoding Type: Single Pass
Target Quantizer: 1.00
Target Bitrate: 20480
Zones: 0 W 1.00
Quality Preset: Real time
Display encoding status: No



  • LaDestitute,

    Unless you have an amazing machine, capturing a full-motion game (which already is eating your processor up) at 1080p is just not going to be very great.

    You can try dropping your playback rate to 50 frames/ps so you will get better sync.

    Drop your bitrate down, perhaps.

    Please experiment and do let me know if you find some optimal settings. It is going to be mostly about the region (number of pixels) that you capture and the Xvid settings. Everything else is just fine - though I question the need for the Real Time quality preset.

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