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Hello. I have a major problem with camstudio. Two, actually.

First of all, some of my videos, mostly on www.duelingnetwork.com, will wack out. THere will be split-screening and flashing colors for the first part of the video, which is actually just replaying the very end of the video and overwriting the beginning completely.

Secondly, I can open camstudio ONCE per time I log on, and if I minimize or close it, I cannot open it again unless I log off and back on again. Otherwise nothing happens when I click on it.


  • thelol,

    If you minimize it, it likely is disappearing into your system tray, where you have to open it up again. (That is, it never actually gets closed, but you cannot open the main window except from the tray once it is in there...)

    The flashing is strange. Use another codec besides MS Video 1 and don't bother with the CamStudio Lossless Codec. Try Xvid - it works well.

    Try setting to a different screen size from the "Fixed Region" area, perhaps. And uncheck "Options/Program Options/Capture Translucent/Layered Windows" in case that's the culprit causing the flashing and split-screening.

  • No, if I minimize Camstudio, it closes. And any idea why I can only open it up once?

    I'll try your suggestions, thanks.
  • thelol,

    Minimizing CamStudio does not close it, I assure you. It shrinks down to a small icon in your system tray, down there in the corner where your system clock is. Right-clicking that icon lets you record/pause/stop and double-clicking it restores the CamStudio window.

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