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files saving too large, any way to change settings?

edited July 2012 in Support
Hi I just started using camstudio, it's great but the files are saving way too large, for example yesterday I recorded a clip just under 5 minutes and it saved as 4GB ?!? that is extremely large for a 5 minutes clip, any way to adjust the compression settings or anything so it saves as a smaller file. I also tried cutting the size down by using copy/export software like any video convertor and nero express but for some reason all software rejects the file even though it's just an avi file so I need to be able to change the compression settings, any help?


  • belle05,

    Try Xvid. Use search here for plenty of mentions of that compressor and videos showing how to set your settings!

    CamStudio videos over 2 gigabytes in size are going to be broken and un-readable by any program, pretty much, due to its using the AVI-1 specification. That's just a file-size limit we have to live with.

  • Use some software called FormatFactory

    You can convert any type of file into a different type of file. For example an AVi to an WMV or an MP4. This will bring the size down and make it easier to work with.

  • Soanage,

    FormatFactory is great stuff. I've been using Any-Video-Converter lately and like it a lot also. I mostly use it to generate MPEG-4 Custom formats so my videos can be read with any media player out there.


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