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NO Video, Or No Audio Help

edited July 2012 in Support
I have the software installed in my Windows 7 computer fine. When I view playback, I cannot see video , just hear Audio. When I adjust settings to DO NOT RECORD AUDIO, I get video only on Playback. I have adjusted my audio settings to record from speaker, and record from microphone. When either is selected, it does not record video. I read the FAQ where it states that "Waveoutgetselectcontrol failed"... The suggestions say As a workaround, try to record the audio by changing your input audio to Stereo/Mono Mix/What-U-Hear.. I do not know how to do this in Windows 7.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and by far helpful.


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    First, only use "Record from Microphone" as "Record from Speakers" is wonky. I take it that you are doing that, however. What codec are you using? I recommend Jawor's Xvid several places here, and include that info on setting it up in a recent video.

    Jawor's Xvid - http://jawormat.republika.pl/xvid.html

    Sometimes the only problem is with the player, and I use any-video-converter to make MPEG-4 videos out of my CamStudio videos so they will play on any media player.

    Any-Video-Converter - http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/


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